Southall Falcon

Falconry at Southall

Among the many wonders of nature, raptors seem to have a special allure. At Southall, it could be the scream of a red-tailed hawk soaring against a clear sky, the cackling hoots of barred owls before sunrise, or the majesty of a bald eagle fishing Lake Mishkin. Craige Hoover says…

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Mason bee on a flower

Mason Bees: The Stars of Strawberry Season

Sweet, succulent strawberries are in season at Southall for the next few weeks, and the patch is buzzing with hundreds of new workers brought in to help ensure we make the most of the first fruits to ripen in middle Tennessee. Recruited last spring, these laborers have been waiting all…

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A hand holding a bunch of ground nuts

Around the Table: Discovering the Bambara Ground Nut

Five years ago, Chef Tyler Brown came across a reference to the bambara ground nut, a complete-protein “superfood” of West African origin that had been essentially lost to the world’s major food systems. A legume that is akin to a peanut and not far from a chickpea, the bambara fixes…

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An orange growing on a tree

Looking Through the Glass: The Orangerie at Southall

Whether by discovery of weary explorers or a simple gift for deep-hollow Appalachian children at Christmas time, the sweet orange has warmed hearts for many centuries. Looking back through the annals of time, the story of how citrus made its way to the new world may be just as romantic.

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