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Southall’s unique and versatile venues, evolved Southern hospitality, and more deliberate pace of life encourage a conscious and mindful outlook—a foundation that empowers you and your team to gain perspectives and create connections that can help elevate your business.


Fuel the Creative Fire

Southall’s transcendent cuisine celebrates the journey of each ingredient, fueling your team to help keep them sharp, focused, and energized—or simply providing them with richly deserved rewards for a job well done.


Host at Southall

With an inviting inn, a working farm, and dining and spa experiences that honor both the land and the seasons, Southall is a place where creativity, connection, and collaboration flourish. Ideal for corporate retreats, executive summits, and to reward top performers, here everyday distractions give way to enticing discoveries. It’s a blend of tradition and innovation, fueled by curiosity and wonder—providing your team with the time and space to relax and build stronger bonds, or to focus and strategize.

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