Services and Amenities

Fulfillment can be elusive; it means something different to each of us, but generally we believe it centers on well-being. An unforgettable meal, a day spent melting away in the spa, an exhilarating challenge, an extraordinary experience. Memories made with loved ones, bathed in luxury against a stunning backdrop.


We also believe that your time on the farm is rooted in the power of relationships, the ways in which people can inspire and delight each other. Our approach to service begins with humility, and the joy it brings us to share Southall with others who come as guests and leave as friends.

It’s the intangible things we hope you will feel—the anticipation of needs, the individualized service, expectations exceeded, the conversations and encounters that will remain with you for years to come. More than anything, our objective is for your time at Southall to leave your body, mind, and soul feeling fulfilled. Then, we will have met our service standard.



In the midst of this bucolic setting, our heated outdoor pool will beckon, inviting you to take a refreshing dip. A full bar is available with handcrafted cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. When hunger strikes, you’ll find a host of fresh bites as well as popsicles and ice cream.


Emma’s Boutique

Featuring accessories, clothing, and bespoke branded items inspired by the farm, our retail boutique offers a charming array of fashionable finds, curated designer brands, and more. Here, you’ll find the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.

Lake Mishkin

The lake at Southall provides far more than a scenic backdrop. In many ways, it’s the center of life on the farm—home to countless species of wildlife. It’s the reservoir that collects water during the wet season, irrigates the property when dry, and a place where people discover magic: a first fish, a restful float, a quiet sunset.