At the Heart of Southall

Nestled on 325 acres, Southall is just outside of Nashville, yet feels a world away. Here, everything is intended to put guests in harmony with the land, with their stunning surroundings, and with themselves. Rooted in nature’s bounty and the cycles that create it, Southall evokes the feeling of old farmsteads across America—a place of gathering and connection around food and nature. It is where curiosity leads to learning, learning leads to understanding, and it all culminates in a deeper, more meaningful experience.

Moments to Savor

Southall is about creating memories—it’s a place to connect with family and friends, the land, and the rich culture of Middle Tennessee. Imagine enjoying a lazy paddle around the lake, savoring a meal harvested right outside your door, snuggling by the fire. It’s all here, waiting to be discovered.

Rooted in Sustainability

Reducing food waste with our state-of-the-art recycling and composting facility. Planting nitrogen-fixing cover crops that preserve the soil and reduce the need for fertilizer. Utilizing smart technology in rooms and geothermal systems that conserve energy. The signs of thoughtful conservation and stewardship are everywhere. Sustainability, one of our guiding principles, is reflected in everything we do, because the health of the land fuels all that we do.

The Southall Team

Discover more about the people who nurture and tend this land, and how their own individual journeys intersected here at Southall.

The Leadership Team