Southall Libby

Libbyrae Troyer, Wellness Guide

Between the golden dome of South Bend and the white sands of South Beach, Libbyrae Troyer has always been fascinated by the rituals and traditions that drive cultures. Even as a child, she noticed the threat of unsustainability — both in a consumer society and in the core beliefs and…

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David Mishkin

David Mishkin and Southall Adventures

David Mishkin remembers sitting in his Chicago office and having a recurring daydream of riding mountain bikes up and down rugged trails after work, a perfect combination of adventure and exercise that just wasn’t possible in his urban environment. An options trader like his father, Southall Founder Paul Mishkin, David…

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Southall Potatos

Perfect Potato

A new variety of potato is taking the culinary world by storm. Upstate Abundance was created at Cornell University, but Chef Dan Barber put it on the map. As the visionary behind Blue Hill at Stone Barns and the Row 7 Seed Company in Tarrytown, New York, Barber has done…

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Southall Falcon

Falconry at Southall

Among the many wonders of nature, raptors seem to have a special allure. At Southall, it could be the scream of a red-tailed hawk soaring against a clear sky, the cackling hoots of barred owls before sunrise, or the majesty of a bald eagle fishing Lake Mishkin.

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