Butterfly at Southall Farm

Native Warm-Season Grasses

At this moment, the Farm at Southall is blanketed in a four-inch layer of soft snow, the kind we only get once every several years in Middle Tennessee. But just below, life underground is waking up. Next week, when the forecast is calling for sun and temperatures near 60 degrees,…

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drone footage of the Kitchen Gardens at Southall

The Kitchen Gardens at Southall

Over the past several weeks, as they have for centuries in middle Tennessee, skilled masons have been hand-shaping and stacking locally harvested limestone into low walls that designate areas of Southall’s Kitchen Gardens. By early spring, compost from the farm will be added and seedlings from the greenhouse will be…

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Southall field peas

Heirloom Bean Varieties

One of our favorite milestones of the late summer at Southall is the bean harvest. As the days shorten and the season starts to turn, it’s a time to think back to native populations who grew these staples for centuries before us in this area, and the ways the cultural…

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Southall's hydroponic greenhouse produces 400 pounds of lettuces each week.

Modernization in Farming

On first approach to Southall, the two glass greenhouses stand as welcoming beacons. They’re part of Chef Tyler Brown’s vision of marrying traditional agriculture with modern technology. Case in point: on the left is a state-of-the-art hydroponic grow facility, where an ocean of leafy greens is reaching through a rigid…

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