Embrace a New Year—and a New Healthy You

The new year is an especially popular time to establish new healthy habits, but we believe every day presents an opportunity to prioritize health and wellbeing. That’s why wellness and intention are infused throughout every Southall experience, from nurturing treatments at our nature-inspired spa to engaging mindful and physical pursuits.

Rooted in the healing power of the earth, Southall is the perfect place to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Here, nature serves as the ultimate antidote to stress—whether it’s enjoying the crisp air on our many hiking trails, discovering the sensory experience of forest bathing, or exploring another of the endless outdoor opportunities on our 325 acres, you’ll reconnect with the land and yourself.

Because what you eat has an undeniable impact on both physical and emotional wellbeing, our conscious culinary approach embraces the land’s natural gifts as well, showcasing seasonal fare that highlights the path from seed to plate. At Southall, you’ll dine on nourishing food that was grown and harvested just steps away, leaving you fueled and energized for whatever adventure awaits.

Just as restorative is The Spa at Southall, which harnesses the land’s restorative powers with a mix of time-tested techniques and modern therapies that replenish and revitalize. All utilize botanicals and other nourishing ingredients inspired by, and derived from, our on-site farm. Tapping into the body’s own ability to heal, our expert practitioners help alleviate muscle tension and soreness, open energy blockages, improve circulation, and more. Complete with an herbal medicinal garden and a mineral pool, it’s a sanctuary that instills a deep sense of wellbeing in all who visit.

Whether you come for a weekend or a week, this healthy getaway can help you relax, reboot, and recharge. Southall is a celebration of discovery, a place that provides sustenance for the spirit. Here, you’ll find time, space, and a wealth of activities that encourage you to slow down, get centered, and be present.