The Spa at Southall

One of our guiding principles at Southall is stewardship, the fastidious management of something entrusted to our care. We view ourselves as stewards of the land and also as stewards of those who come here. The wellbeing of our guests will be a top priority, and our spa will be an essential component of our endeavor to care for those who visit us.

Like the farm itself, The Spa at Southall will be committed to enhancing the wellbeing of guests through an immersive experience in nature. Every single aspect of the spa experience—from the overall environment to the very last ingredient in the products we use—will be rooted in our belief in the healing powers of nature. And like the farm itself, The Spa at Southall will be committed to bringing innovative techniques to long-standing tradition.

Centrally located by the inn’s main entrance, The Spa at Southall will be accessed through a series of bridges that initiate the spa experience. Design elements, including reclaimed wood and large stones reminiscent of the limestone outcroppings on the property’s hillside, will both echo and honor the spa’s natural setting. Meditation gardens will be clearly visible through large-scale windows, and guests can move indoors and outdoors as they desire. Living walls will showcase plant life and candlelight, while interior noises evoke the numerous sounds of nature. The experience will be both simple and profound, as most beautiful moments in nature are.

Featured prominently in the reception area of The Spa at Southall will be a wooden gate that was reclaimed from the property when it was first purchased. As the spa’s focal point and centerpiece, this gate will serve as a reminder of the agricultural heritage of the region and of the importance of using farm-fresh organic ingredients not only in meals, but in wellness treatments as well. The gate will also serve as a symbol of the sum total of the spa experience, which will move guests through a literal and metaphorical threshold into a new space of sacred ritual and healing. The spa is itself will be a gateway to a central place of wellbeing that encapsulates mind, body and soul.

Totaling 15,000 square feet, the spa will feature ten treatment rooms, each of which admits outdoor light to extend the visitor’s connection to nature. Two of these rooms will accommodate double treatments while another will have a private shower, ideal for someone seeking a body wrap or scrub. Our specialty room will have a large soaking tub with oil-infused salts and its own private outdoor garden. This room can accommodate two people, fostering connection between loved ones whether couples, friends, or mother-daughter duos, or can be booked for a single person seeking a suite of treatments with time to rest at leisure in between in the private garden.

The spa will offer a full range of treatments, overlapping ancient healing therapies with modern techniques to create the most effective care. At the beginning of each treatment will be a time built in for consultation. This time allows for meaningful conversation between guest and therapist or aesthetician and results in customized treatments that purposefully target specific objectives. Because our pricing model is straightforward and undifferentiated, specialists and guests will have the freedom to make changes as they discern what is most needed. The process is intentionally organic to maximize both the experience and the benefits.

Just as the process is organic, so too are the ingredients. Partnering with Naturopathica, The Spa at Southall will only use products that have been audited and certified by Ecocert. This certification ensures that each ingredient is derived from renewable resources and manufactured with environmentally friendly processes and is a further reflection of our commitment to being good stewards of both nature and people.

Guests will be encouraged to come an hour early to partake in a specialized thermacircuit regimen that promotes healthy circulation and relaxation, and that ultimately enhances the benefits of any treatments to come. This circuit will move visitors from a private steamroom infused with farm-fresh essential oils, such as eucalyptus and lavender, into a dry cedar sauna and then into a hydroptherapy whirlpool with jets specifically positioned to massage key trigger points, such as the neck and hips.

Ultimately, what happens in the spa will be an amplification of what is happening across Southall as a whole: an authentic return to the core principle of nature as the ultimate source of nurture.