Spa Practices at Southall

Nature’s Healing Powers

The self-healing powers that pervade the natural world have inspired scientists and medical practitioners for centuries, and they inspire us at Southall. We take inspiration from the tree, which can seal itself from a fissure that might otherwise destroy it. From the leaf, which can clean itself through a process of ultrahydrophobicity (commonly referred to as the “lotus effect”). From the snake, which molts, shimmying its way out of old skin in order to allow for new growth. The regenerative power of nature astounds us and yet we recognize it as familiar because we, as humans, have this same capacity to heal from within.

A Personalized, Integrated Approach

Our spa, which is rooted in nature and reflective of nature, will offer a full range of wellness practices that integrate the healing powers we discover there. Every element of our spa experience, from the spectrum of modalities we offer to the topicals and ingestibles we select, is intended to foster holistic health in a highly personalized way. Our team of experts will work closely with each guest to discern the most effective course of action on any given day. This customized and highly immersive experience beautifully restores body, mind and soul, promoting the deep sense of wellbeing we seek.

Ancient Therapies

Many of the modalities we will offer at The Spa at Southall derive from ancient healing therapies that are based on this innate ability to self-repair. A number of these, such as therapeutic massage, acupressure and reflexology, rely on touch to unleash the body’s natural healing powers. Acupressure targets certain points on the body to open blockages, alleviating pain and illness. Reflexology promotes wellbeing through a powerful practice of body mapping, which connects certain trigger points to organs and systems that need attention. Other ancient practices rely on energy work to promote balance. These forms of energy healing, such as Reiki and chakra balancing, focus on opening and shifting energy pathways. Each of these practices facilitates healing from within.

Modern Techniques

In keeping with the resort-wide mission of merging innovation with tradition, The Spa at Southall also will incorporate a suite of modern techniques in order to maximize health benefits for our guests. Aestheticians will use advanced equipment to detect and target problem spots during facials. Clean cosmeceuticals will ensure that beauty treatments are safe and effective. Hydrotherapy whirlpools will target key pain points. Our intention is to offer therapies that are timeless in their healing power but cutting edge in their safety and effectiveness.