Mindfulness at Southall

At Southall, we define true luxury as the carefully calibrated balance of mind, body, and soul… when all senses are awakened, all pathways cleared, all pleasures savored. Reaching this sublime state of wellbeing is a mindfulness process that has many layers. It requires a special kind of place with a well-mapped wisdom to its features and offerings. It requires guided practices and therapies that sink us deeper into our selves. It requires food that nourishes our hunger for that which is truly delicious. It requires a level of service that is intuitive and unobtrusive. And it requires humility, openness, and celebration from all who gather. This is Southall.

It starts with the location.

Southall is located in the lush and rolling hills of Middle Tennessee. Easily accessible from Nashville, it nevertheless feels removed and untainted. The property is inherently beautiful, and so we left it nearly the way we found it: with stretches of wood canvasing its contours, a creek ambling along its basin, bulks of limestone pushing their heads from the rich soil. To be here is to be inspired.

It is interwoven into every feature.

From the beginning, Southall has been an exercise in mindfulness. Every decision we have made and continue to make derives from a meticulous attention to detail and a prudent respect for sustainability over the longterm. Tending to the needs of the land first has enabled us to create a place that will, by extension, tend to the people who visit us.

The mindfulness pursuits made available to guests at Southall will be many, and varied to meet a diversity of interests. Guests may choose to participate in group-guided meditations, forest bathing expeditions and yoga classes. For those needing time alone to unplug, we will offer hiking trails, a meditation garden, and numerous contemplative resting places and overlooks. Guests for whom water is healing can canoe, paddle board or fish, while guests for whom the earth is healing can take gardening classes or visit the orchard. Those seeking mindfulness through creative pursuits can take plein air painting, woodworking or photography classes.

Behind it all is the land: a vast property that facilitates all aspects of discovery and recovery. When you join morning yoga on the summit, you will be looking out at slopes that formed millions of years ago. When you partake in a forest bathing expedition, you will be among stands of hardwood trees that extend back centuries. When you lie in a hammock, you will be gazing at a sky unpolluted by factory or light. Southall is a pristine place and immersive experience with the power to clarify the mind and in turn the spirit.

It informs our very ethos.

Flowing out of the beauty of the place is a generosity of spirit that simply can’t be contained. It is the natural extension of stewardship and a hallmark of true hospitality. Everyone will be welcome here; everyone will be at ease here; everyone will be ready to teach, learn, guide, help, gather and share. When you need time alone, you’ll take it. And when you need the joy of fellowship, we’ll have it. This is how you tap the wellspring of your very soul. This is luxury as we know it at Southall.