Male Guests at Southall

Men will have plenty of reason to come to Southall. Trail runs in the morning. Hilltop yoga. Woodworking classes. Fishing. Deep-tissue massage and personalized wellness therapies. Craft beer tastings and friends gathered at the long table. This will be a place where men of all ages can come, de-stress and enjoy themselves.

Tailored Experiences

Whether you choose to bring your team for a corporate retreat or surprise your partner with a weekend getaway, whether you’re rallying your guy’s fitness group or just need your own solo reset, we can work with you to curate the optimal experience given your unique objectives. Couples can enjoy a morning yoga class and hike before visiting the spa for a shared mineral bath and Swedish massage. Groups of men can take advantage of off-campus excursions in the morning to golf, hunt, or bike the Natchez Trace before retiring to the spa in the late afternoon for targeted wellness therapies. For those interested in trying and learning new things, we will offer foraging tours, mixology classes using farm-fresh ingredients, falconry—the list of things to enjoy and discover will be nearly endless.

Tailored Treatments

A visit to Southall would not be complete without a spa experience. Reminiscent of lodges on the West Coast yet with the easy hospitality common in Tennessee, The Spa at Southall will offer a relaxing place for men seeking restoration of mind, body and soul. Asking targeted questions to determine a client’s whole health, our team of experts will tailor the spa menu to meet specific goals. Massages using wild-crafted Alpine Arnica support muscle function and enhance deep relaxation and relief. A Mighty Mint foot treatment merges reflexology with nail detailing. Rebalancing facials incorporate neck and shoulder massage, while detoxification rituals help purify the body. The dry cedar sauna will be ideal for groups of men who want to begin the spa experience together before breaking off for their own individualized therapies. A deluxe treatment room with its own private garden and large soaking tub will enable partners to enjoy the spa experience together, with time built in for shared rest and relaxation.

No matter your interest or passion, your wellness needs or reason for travel, Southall will offer an immersive experience that has lasting impact. The food you eat, the activities you try, the treatments you enjoy—all of it will bring a fresh richness to life that is self-sustaining.