Be Nurtured by Nature

Wake up and embrace the day with a morning hike or sunrise yoga, break a sweat with a fitness class, and wind down with our daily sunset meditation. At Southall, mindful pursuits help you connect with nature—and yourself.

Daily Meditation

Using the revolutionary Synctuition App, Southall guests receive a special QR code to scan and enjoy complimentary 3D-meditation audio journeys for better sleep, a healthy mindset, relaxation, and well-being.

Forest Bathing

Breath in the fresh air, listen to the birds, and commune with nature. This is shinrin yoku, the Japanese practice of experiencing nature through your senses. Also known as forest bathing, this guided experience promotes mindfulness.

Slow Down with a Sound Bath

Listen to relaxed, meditative sounds from a variety of ancient instruments played with intention to promote deep peace and well-being.

Learn the Ritual of Tea

Engage in a unique journey to explore the energy and science behind the ritual of tea. You’ll learn the different types of tea, steeping methods, tea tools, and guidance on how to start a daily tea practice. You’ll also receive a Southall tea blend by High Garden Tea.

Classes and Workshops

Taught by experienced instructors and guides, our wellness classes and workshops welcome all regardless of experience level. Southall offers a variety of fitness classes, workshops, and activities, including yoga, coaching, breathwork, and more. Please check the activity calendar during your stay.