Dive Into the Joys of Lake Life

At the center of it all, Lake Mishkin is a source of life on the farm, irrigating the production fields and nurturing the local ecosystem. Beyond being home to numerous species, it is also a place to enjoy a host of fun and engaging water-based activities, such as canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding. From the thrill of catching a fish to the sense of serenity that comes from a lazy paddle around the seven-acre lake, it is a place to gather and connect with the wonders of nature.

Nick's Outfitter on the Lake

Looking for something fun by the lake? Come stop by Nick’s Outfitter to grab a kayak, canoe, paddleboard, hammock, picnic blanket, or yard game!

Prices Vary

Fly Fishing

Cast a line and unwind in Lake Mishkin with our fishing guides as you learn the fine art of fly fishing. You’ll have everything you need, including bait and tackle, as you learn tips and tricks to land your catch of the day. Equipment is also available for daily rental; find your favorite spot at Southall or explore the many nearby lakes and rivers.

Lesson: $75 | 1 hour