Discover Our Edible Landscape

The engine of our innovation, The Farm at Southall is also our inspiration. Bringing together traditional methods and advanced technology, such as hydroponics, we invite you to experience our guided tours, enjoy apple picking in our orchard, explore beekeeping at our apiary, forage for wild edibles in the forest, get your hands dirty and help with the harvesting, and discover all that goes into creating a healthy and sustainable farm.

Life on the Farm

Visit with a member of the Southall team during morning farm chores to learn more about our sustainable farming practices and life on the farm.

Everything Starts with a Seed

Join our Farm Team at the Processing Barn to learn about our innovative seed-saving program. Then, enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of Southall’s Orangerie.

Guided Apiary Tour (Seasonal)

Buzz around the farm with our beekeeper, learning about our pollination program and the essential role honeybees play in agriculture and on our working farm. You’ll enjoy a taste of our award-winning honey, too.

Field Tour & Tasting

Stroll through the rows of our production fields or the kitchen gardens with members of our Culinary Team, and taste what’s in season during this engaging walking tour.

Forage in the Wild (Seasonal)

Join a member of our culinary team to wander and forage for wild ramps, mushrooms, and berries in the forest. You’ll learn about the practice of foraging and how our culinary team incorporates foraged ingredients into our menus at Mary Amelia, our signature restaurant.

Dig In

Immerse yourself in farm life as you learn about our sustainable farming practices. You’ll help with farm chores, planting, harvesting, and also enjoy lunch with the team.


Southall offers a variety of educational workshops and events throughout the year, with topics including sustainable farming practices, beekeeping, seed-saving, painting, pottery, woodworking, photography, and more. Check our activity calendar during your stay.