Let Adventure Take Root Here

Inspired by nature, our outdoor pursuits are both rugged and refined. From falconry and fly fishing on Lake Mishkin to hiking and biking, you’ll find a variety of options to fuel your sense of adventure.

Aerial Obstacle Course

Traverse through the treetops of Southall and climb to new heights on our sprawling Aerial Obstacle Course. Dozens of fun and challenging obstacles await, with a continuous belay system providing a smooth, safe, exciting experience high above the forest floor.

Archery/Axe Throwing

Take your shot at our Archery Range as we teach you the basics of this ancient sport. Try both recurve and compound bows as you aim for targets both near and far to improve your skills. Once you have the hang of it, we will take you on our three-dimensional archery course to give you a real challenge as you take aim in a more natural setting. You can also try your hand at axe throwing, both on the range and on our 3-D course.

Falconry Experience

Marvel as a majestic bird of prey swoops down to your gloved hand—the ultimate photo opportunity—while you learn about falconry, which has a history spanning more than six millennia.

Falconry Hunting Expedition

For a memorable and unique experience, you can join in the hunt and partner with these birds of prey to bag some of Southall’s small game.

Boating on the Lake

Enjoy paddling on our seven-acre lake with your choice of canoe, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard. Visit our Lake Kiosk for rentals. Bring along a fishing rod to reel one in or just relax on the water.

Fly Fishing

Cast a line and unwind in Lake Mishkin with our fishing guides as you learn the fine art of fly fishing. You’ll have everything you need, including bait and tackle, as you learn tips and tricks to land your catch of the day. Equipment is also available for daily rental; find your favorite spot at Southall, or explore the many lakes and rivers.

Guided on Property Hike

With seven miles of trails and a wealth of local flora and fauna, you can explore the pristine beauty of Southall on one of our guided hikes—or discover it on your own. Opportunities to immerse yourself in nature extend beyond our expansive trail system, too; local parks and recreation areas include caves, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and gorges.