Cultivate Mindfulness

Find peace by harmonizing with nature. At Southall, mindful pursuits will inspire you to explore your inner landscape, nourish your soul, and enjoy the journey.

Synctuition Meditation


Using the revolutionary Synctuition App, Southall guests receive a special QR code to scan and enjoy complimentary 3D-meditation audio journeys for better sleep, a healthy mindset, relaxation, and wellbeing.

Sound Bath


Listen to relaxed, meditative sounds from a variety of ancient instruments played with intention to promote deep peace and wellbeing.

Morning Yoga


Explore the art of yoga with a sequence of postures, connected breath, and mindful meditation for every day. Ideal for all levels.

Wellbeing Journeys

We live for the experience. Dive deeper with personal fitness, wellness, and soul-searching sessions. Contact THE SPA for more information.

Tea + Honey Ceremony

$125 | 1 HOUR

Returning to the simpler things in life, a wild tea ceremony is a local, medicinal, caffeine-free, open-hearted herbal opportunity for acknowledging the sacred in the everyday. The joy of herbal infusions is inspired by the healing properties of native species and steeped in plant folk wisdom. You will learn to develop a reciprocal relationship with plants, reflect upon the wonders of the world and share and sip in ceremony.